LUC Impact - Dataset (2024)

The complete dataset version 2024 (9000+ crop- & country combinations), now with both linear and equal amortization, is available for € 580,00 (ex VAT). By using the dataset you agree with the terms laid out in the EULA below. Integration of the data into a tool/service/platform is stricly not allowed with this license. For licensing inquiries please contact  The excel dataset gives the results of the three calculation methods from the ‘country known, land use unknown’ functionality of the tool. The weighted average takes into account relative differences in crop expansion at the expense of forest, grassland, annual/perennial. The normal average is a simple average of these options. All results are scaled to the relative amount of expansion of the crop. The worst case of the average and weighted average is used in the PAS2050-1 protocol. The Food SCP method requires the weighted average for the estimation of land use change emissions when previous land use is unknown. The GHG Protocol Product Standard requires that the method used to calculate land use change impacts, including the average approach, be included in the inventory report. Starting from this year, the Crop System Efficiency Index (CSEI) and managed grassland are considered in the dLUC dataset. Starting from 2022 this dataset includes a result calculated with linear amortization and a result dataset calculated using equal amortization. The choice for equal or linear amortization in the dLUC emission calculation is related to the guideline that the user wishes to comply to: the PAS2050-1 (and thus the European Commission’s PEF guidance) prescribes the use of equal amortization; the recently published SBTi FLAG calculation guidance prescribes the use of linear amortization. 

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