Agri-footprint 6

Since its release in 2014, various organizations have used Agri-footprint for applications such as product Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), carbon footprinting, hotspot analysis, labeling schemes and implementation in sustainability software solutions and services. Agri-footprint version 6 is now available Agri-footprint has been widely accepted by the food industry, the LCA community, the scientific community, and governmental institutions. Furthermore, many processes are modeled in alignment with the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) guidance of the European Commission. The database is developed using the ReCiPe Midpoint H (version 1.07, 2016) LCA method and three allocation methods can be applied: mass, energy, and economic allocation. It includes environmental impacts: Global warming (incl. LUC and peat oxidation, excl. LUC and peat oxidation, LUC only and peat oxidation only), Stratospheric ozone depletion, Ionizing radiation, Ozone formation, Human health, Fine particulate matter formation, Ozone formation, Terrestrial ecosystems, Terrestrial acidification, Freshwater eutrophication, Marine eutrophication, Terrestrial ecotoxicity, Freshwater ecotoxicity, Marine ecotoxicity, Human carcinogenic toxicity, Human non-carcinogenic toxicity, Land use, Mineral resource scarcity, Fossil resource scarcity and Water consumption. The data quality and coverage of Agri-footprint is improved with each release, and Agri-footprint 6 contains approximately 5,000 products and processes. The database is built using statistics, scientific literature, other databases and industry data coupled with Blonk's expert modeling. As such, it is a high-quality, reliable, and consistent database for its user base.  Download Agri-footprint documentation Agri-footprint 6.3 licenses You can access Agri-footprint in various data types (Impact Result Level, System Process Level and Unit Process Level) and formats (Excel, CSV, JSON). The Impact Result Level contains the calculated environmental impacts of all products and processes using the ReCiPe 2016 midpoint (H) method, while the System Process and Unit Process Level are more detailed. All versions of Agri-footprint 6 contain some ecoinvent background data. More information on data types License options

  • Research license For academic or NGO use in research, reports, presentations, or teaching
  • Commercial license For single-user generation of multiple reports, presentations, and research & development
  • Developer license For multi-user generation of multiple reports, presentations, research & development, and integration within a tool, software, or service
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