Agri-footprint Branded Data Add-ons

What are Branded Datasets?

Branded Datasets are add-ons to the Agri-footprint database. Whereas the Agri-footprint database contains averages of agricultural food- and feed commodities, Branded Datasets offer insight in the environmental impacts of products of specific brands. Based on primary data, the results of reviewed LCA studies are shared as Life Cycle Impact Data.

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How to access the Branded Datasets

After accepting the license agreement conditions, you will find multiple branded datasets in CSV format and in Excel format.

- The CSV files are easily importable in SimaPro software, so you will be able to add datasets to your projects in SimaPro. Accessing the branded data in SimaPro allows you to discover the impacts of branded ingredients and compare them with the average data in Agri-footprint. To import in SimaPro, we have made a simple user guide on how to import a CSV easily and quickly.

- The Excel files contain the Branded Data Environmental Impacts (calculated with ReCiPe midpoint (H)). This is very useful if you do not have a SimaPro license.

What is included in a download?

Apart from the CSV file and Excel file, per branded dataset a document is made available stating information on the relative contribution of primary data, the main contributing inputs calculated with secondary data, and more details. Also, in some cases, LCA reports or performance reports are included, to provide you with even more insights into the sustainability performance of these branded products.



If you have any questions regarding Agri-footprint Branded Datasets, or would you like to disclose your data yourself? Please contact us at