Agri-footprint 5.0 - Economic Allocation - Academic and limited commercial use

Advancing sustainability in the agri-food sector requires accurate and precise information. Blonk developed the Agri-footprint database to provide a thorough and consistent life cycle inventory (LCI) database for the agriculture and food sector. The database is widely used and implemented by the food industry, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) community, the scientific community, and governments worldwide. Agri-footprint covers data on feed, food, and biomass as agricultural products. The database facilitates transparency and a more rapid transformation to sustainable food supply chains in multiple ways. Extensive list of environmental impacts of the Agri-footprint 5.0 database  Environmental impacts of all Agri-footprint datasets, including process descriptions. Calculated using ReCiPe 2016 midpoint (H).  ! This license allows Academic use & a maximum of three commercial uses. Commercial use means the use of the Agri-footprint 5.0 data to perform calculations as output that are to be shared with your company’s/university’s clients or customers, in exchange for a fee. This means that under this license, you can use the dataset for three commercial projects. If you would like to use Agri-footprint data commercially on a more regular basis, or include it in a tool or data platform, please contact us for a Commercial License on 1 user 3 allocation methods (economic, energy, mass) Provided in Excel format Included environmental impacts: Global warming (incl. LUC and excl. LUC), Stratospheric ozone depletion, Ionizing radiation, Ozone formation, Human health, Fine particulate matter formation, Ozone formation, Terrestrial ecosystems, Terrestrial acidification, Freshwater eutrophication, Marine eutrophication, Terrestrial ecotoxicity, Freshwater ecotoxicity, Marine ecotoxicity, Human carcinogenic toxicity, Human non-carcinogenic toxicity, Land use, Mineral resource scarcity, Fossil resource scarcity and Water consumption.  More information? More users? If you have questions about Agri-footprint, if you are interested in a licence for more users, or want to include Agri-footprint data in your own tool, please contact us on September 2020: Updated version is uploaded, with use of the newest SimaPro software version 9.1 and ReCiPe 2016 midpoint (H) version 1.04, and a correction of flows in the Agri-footprint datasets.

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Agri-footprint 5.0 - Economic Allocation - Academic and limited commercial use 365 days - € 700.00 Order