LUC Impact - Tool & Dataset (2021)

The LUC Impact tool provides a predefined way of calculating greenhouse gas emissions from land use change. These emissions arise when land is transformed from one use to another. A well-known example is deforestation for the cultivation of crops such as soybean and oil palm. 

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Challenge: availability of primary data

A big challenge for sustainability experts and practitioners of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) is to translate the impact of land use change to specific crops from specific countries while little primary data is available. Our LUC Impact tool is specifically designed to address this challenge. The tool has grown in past years based on the PAS2050 and specifically the PAS2050-1 frameworks.

Three functionalities

The tool provides three basic functionalities,
based on three different approaches related to data availability of the user.

Country known & land use unknown​
This estimate is based on a number of reference scenarios for previous land use, combined with data from relative crop land expansions based on FAOSTAT. 
Country & land use unknown
A weighted average is determined based on FAO statistics, using the same methodology as in ‘country known & land use unknown’ for calculating the GHG emissions for each relevant country.

Country & land use known
These approaches are described in the PAS 2050-1 published by BSI and are made operational in this tool using various IPCC data sources.​

Complete dataset
The complete dataset version 2021 (9000+ crop- & country combinations) is now available for your organisation for € 250,00 (ex VAT). You will able to search through all the results and you can also download a document with an overview of the most recent data (all possible crop-country combinations from the ‘country known; land use unknown’ functionality). 

Full Excel tool
Furthermore, it is also possible to get a licence for the newest and full Excel tool (version 2021)
Please send us an email for the various licencing options.

Get some insights! An example: soybeans from Argentina

Example data for soybeans from Argentina: The main results (CO2 emissions per hectare)
Weighted average result: 14,84 kg CO2/ha
Normal average result: 8,34 kg CO2/ha
Worst case  14,84 kg CO2/ha
Example data for soybeans from Argentina: The main results (Land transformations)
Transformation from forest to current cropland: 307 m2/ha
Transformation from grassland to current cropland: 0 m2/ha
Transformation from annual cropland to current cropland: 40 m2/ha
Transformation from perennial cropland to current cropland: 1 m2/ha

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